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WoW Classic | Lightshope | Un Priest Low por el mundo #5

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Yep! ExenHeals anda por la zona Lvl 14+ *********************** ////////////// ********** :::::POLES:: Y ESO QUE ES? ********** /////////////// Como se ganan esas cosas?

Vanilla World Of Warcraft CLASSIC - Light's Hope Server - Playing With Subs & Friends

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Multistreaming with Vanilla World Of Warcraft - Light's Hope Server - Playing With Subs & Friends Dual streaming to ...

How To Easily Download Vanilla WoW! - 2019

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Download Links: Top Vanilla WoW servers and where to create an account! Elysium WoW: ...

Gruzel - Northdale Vanilla PvP (Lights Hope Private Server)

Опубликовано: 21 день назад

Hi guys, here a low lvl pvp video i just randomly came up to. very nice pvp and yea i lost at the end but he was higher level and i did kill him the first time tho :D.

Lightshope. WoW Classic! #3

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Группа в Вк Подписываемся и не забываем ставить лайки! Спасибо! Поддержка стримера: http://www.donation...

Jugando al #WorldofWarcraftClassic server privado Light's Hope

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Si os gusta este tipo de directos darle al botón me gusta y comentar mucho por el chat del directo! si vemos que dan buenos resultados seguramente hagamos ...

The Absolute State of Light's Hope

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Wow 1.12.1 Crash server

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World of Warcraft Vanilla WoW Lightshope Return Montage Cryphis

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My time together with Return. Man, I miss you guys! The end was sloppy however I still enjoyed the time with all of you :) The game: ...

WoW Classic Paladin @ Light's Hope #7 - Tanking Dungeons / PvP

Опубликовано: 2 месяца назад

Timestamps : 3:00 - Stratholme Live Begins 1:14:15 - Deadmines Powerlevel If you enjoy the stream please give it a like, it is the best way to help me out and is ...

WoW Classic Paladin @ Light's Hope #5

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Time Stamps: 10:00 - Zul'Gurub World Record Speedrun 1:29:00 - Alterac Valley is Worst BG 2:13:00 - Average Alliance WSG If you enjoy the stream please ...

Classic WoW, Private Server, guild talks. Lights Hope server talks

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Hey it's me The T!! This will be one of my first videos ever and I am really happy it's for my guild and Classic WoW. I am really sorry if this is so short but I really ...

How To Start Playing On Vanilla WoW Private Servers (Elysium, Light's Hope, RetroWoW)

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I found the BEST way to make GOLD in WoW: In this video, you can learn how to connect to any vanilla server Vanilla WoW Download: ...